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[110414~110417] Music Shows

Know who’s making a comeback, debut, or goodbye stage by using these color guides:
Debut Stage || Comeback Stage || Goodbye Stage

[110414] M Countdown [ Full Show ]
Part 1 – U-KISS, Brave Girls, Seo In Gook, Dal Shabet
Part 2 – Yangpa, Lee Hyun ft. Mighty Mouth, Tony An
Part 3 – Rania, Kim Tae Woo, Rainbow, M to M
Part 4 – 4minute, Kim Greem, CN Blue
Part 5 – Clover, Big Bang
Part 6 Big Bang, Winner & Encore Stage
Part 3 is uploaded on Dailymotion.

[110415] Music Bank [ Full Show ]
Part 1Kim Greem, block.B, Seo In Gook, Handsome People
Part 2 – Rania, Brave Girls, Maya, Dalmatian
Part 3NS Yoonji, Clover, ZE:A, Yangpa
Part 4Lee Hyun ft. Mighty Mouth, Girl’s Day, Dal Shabet
Part 5 – Tony An, Rainbow, Kim Tae Woo
Part 6 – U-KISS, K.Will
Part 7 – 4minute, CN Blue, Winner & Encore Stage

[110415] YHY Sketchbook [ Full Show – 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]
U-Kiss, No Brain, Leesang, Jung In

[110416] Music Core [ Full Show ]
Part 1 – Han Groo, Dal Shabet, Maya
Part 2 – K.Will with Bora (Sistar), LPG, Yangpa, CHI CHI with Hong Su Ah, Tony An
Part 3Lee Hyun ft. Mighty Mouth, Orange Caramel, Infinite, Kim Tae Woo
Part 4Rainbow, Wheesung ft. Hoya (Infinite)
Part 5 – 4minute, CN Blue, Big Bang

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