Streaming Korean Shows on the Web

Weeklykpop Top 15 as of March 3, 2011

Running Man
Strong Heart
100 Out of 100
Star King
1 Night 2 Days
We Got Married
Infinity Challenge
Come to Play
Happy Together
Night After Night
4minute Mr. Teacher
Love Chaser
Let’s Go Dream Team

Okay. So, what is the Top 15?
The Top 15 are our priority shows. That means that they are the shows we will upload regardless of the cast. We have to do this because we have a life too. We need to limit the amount of shows we NEED to upload.

I want to keep watching this show. Why was it cut off?
It really depends on the amount of viewers it get. If you get your links outside this blog, that doesn’t count toward the ratings. Our twitter account and facebook page links you to the post, not the links to the videos. If you watch embedded videos in other sites, that doesn’t count toward the ratings either.

What are the shows that got cut off then?
All shows that are not in the Top 15 are cut off.

We will upload these shows IF AND ONLY IF it has 3 or more idol member in the cast or if it get requested 48 HOURS or more after it airs.

Are these in order of popularity?
Yes. You can look at our right sidebar to see the actual numerical values that these shows got if you want. The shows in the bottom of the list are the ones that almost got cut off, just so you know.

What are you going to do to the upcoming new shows?
We will continue uploading them regardless of the cast until we publish the next Top 15. Yes, that means a few shows in the list are not there permanently. They are there for a month or so, but after that, I will have to determine a new list. I’m planning to determine the next Top 15 on April 10, 2011.

I know this show, but it’s not in the Top 15 or the shows that got cut off. What happened?
That show is Seo In Young’s Launch In Life. I don’t have enough data to determine its ratings fairly, so we will continue uploading that show regardless of the cast until the next Top 15 gets determined.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to comment below, and I will answer them as soon as I can.


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